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ELC Czech SRO offers a one stop, all service facility from concept to completion. We deliver on time, value solutions using the most advanced technology available.

Services include:
  • General Engineering, Forming, Folding, Welding, Wet Spray Painting, Powder Coating and Electroplating.

  • Design and fabricate to customers specific requirements providing a world - wide rapid response service at cost effective rates.

  • Laser Cutting of metals and materials for building and architectural applications.

  • Laser Cutting of RHS, RSA, and 'H' Beams for the Construction Industry.

  • Laser Processing of Ceramic, Ferrite and Dielectric for the electronic sector.

  • Laser Cutting of Tubes for Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Mechanical applications.

  • Laser Processing of Medical Implant materials.

  • Fabrication of Sub and Final Assembly components for Mechanical, Petro-Chemical, Electronic and Hydraulic Engineering sectors.
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